#include <LogTags.h>

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Public Member Functions

void update (const LogTagsErrors &other)

Public Attributes

bool ignored = false
 _IGNORED: the response was not used for anything More...
bool timedout = false
 _TIMEDOUT: terminated due to a lifetime or I/O timeout More...
bool aborted = false
 _ABORTED: other abnormal termination (e.g., I/O error) More...

Detailed Description

Things that may happen to a transaction while it is being processed according to its LOG_* category. Logged as SUFFIX(es). Unlike LOG* categories, these flags may not be mutually exclusive.

Definition at line 17 of file LogTags.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ update()

void LogTagsErrors::update ( const LogTagsErrors other)

Update each of this object flags to "set" if the corresponding flag of the given object is set

Definition at line 14 of file LogTags.cc.

References aborted, ignored, and timedout.

Referenced by FwdState::updateAleWithFinalError().

Member Data Documentation

◆ aborted

bool LogTagsErrors::aborted = false

◆ ignored

bool LogTagsErrors::ignored = false

Definition at line 24 of file LogTags.h.

Referenced by LogTags::c_str(), clientReplyContext::handleIMSReply(), and update().

◆ timedout

bool LogTagsErrors::timedout = false

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