#include <Config.h>

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Public Member Functions

::Format::FormatfindCustomFormat (const char *logformatName) const
bool knownFormat (const char *logformatName) const
void parseFormats ()
void dumpFormats (StoreEntry *e, const char *name)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * BuiltInFormatName (Format::log_type type)
static Format::log_type FindBuiltInFormat (const char *logformatName)

Public Attributes

char * logfile_daemon
 File path to logging daemon executable. More...
 Linked list of custom log formats. More...
bool hasAdaptToken
bool hasIcapToken

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file Config.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BuiltInFormatName()

const char * Log::LogConfig::BuiltInFormatName ( Format::log_type  type)

◆ dumpFormats()

void Log::LogConfig::dumpFormats ( StoreEntry e,
const char *  name 

Definition at line 38 of file Config.h.

References Format::Format::dump(), and logformats.

◆ FindBuiltInFormat()

Log::Format::log_type Log::LogConfig::FindBuiltInFormat ( const char *  logformatName)

◆ findCustomFormat()

Format::Format * Log::LogConfig::findCustomFormat ( const char *  logformatName) const
a named (previously configured) custom log format object or nil

Definition at line 87 of file Config.cc.

References assert.

◆ knownFormat()

bool Log::LogConfig::knownFormat ( const char *  logformatName) const

whether the given format name is supported, either as a built-in or a (previously configured) custom logformat

Definition at line 98 of file Config.cc.

◆ parseFormats()

Member Data Documentation

◆ hasAdaptToken

bool Log::LogConfig::hasAdaptToken

Definition at line 49 of file Config.h.

Referenced by accessLogInit().

◆ hasIcapToken

bool Log::LogConfig::hasIcapToken

Definition at line 53 of file Config.h.

Referenced by accessLogInit().

◆ logfile_daemon

char* Log::LogConfig::logfile_daemon

Definition at line 43 of file Config.h.

◆ logformats

::Format::Format* Log::LogConfig::logformats

Definition at line 46 of file Config.h.

Referenced by dumpFormats().

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