#include <gadgets.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CertificateProperties ()

Public Attributes

Security::CertPointer mimicCert
 Certificate to mimic. More...
Security::CertPointer signWithX509
 Certificate to sign the generated request. More...
Security::PrivateKeyPointer signWithPkey
 The key of the signing certificate. More...
bool setValidAfter
 Do not mimic "Not Valid After" field. More...
bool setValidBefore
 Do not mimic "Not Valid Before" field. More...
bool setCommonName
 Replace the CN field of the mimicking subject with the given. More...
std::string commonName
 A CN to use for the generated certificate. More...
CertSignAlgorithm signAlgorithm
 The signing algorithm to use. More...
const EVP_MD * signHash
 The signing hash to use. More...

Private Member Functions

 CertificateProperties (CertificateProperties &)
CertificatePropertiesoperator= (CertificateProperties const &)

Detailed Description

Simple struct to pass certificate generation parameters to generateSslCertificate function.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CertificateProperties() [1/2]

Ssl::CertificateProperties::CertificateProperties ( )

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◆ CertificateProperties() [2/2]

Ssl::CertificateProperties::CertificateProperties ( CertificateProperties )

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

CertificateProperties & Ssl::CertificateProperties::operator= ( CertificateProperties const &  )

Member Data Documentation

◆ commonName

◆ mimicCert

◆ setCommonName

◆ setValidAfter

◆ setValidBefore

◆ signAlgorithm

◆ signHash

◆ signWithPkey

Security::PrivateKeyPointer Ssl::CertificateProperties::signWithPkey

◆ signWithX509

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