snmp_pdu.c File Reference
#include "squid.h"
#include "asn1.h"
#include "snmp.h"
#include "snmp_api_error.h"
#include "snmp_error.h"
#include "snmp_msg.h"
#include "snmp_pdu.h"
#include "snmp_vars.h"
#include "util.h"
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#define ASN_PARSE_ERROR(x)   { return(x); }


struct snmp_pdusnmp_pdu_create (int command)
struct snmp_pdusnmp_pdu_clone (struct snmp_pdu *Src)
struct snmp_pdusnmp_pdu_fix (struct snmp_pdu *pdu, int command)
struct snmp_pdusnmp_fix_pdu (struct snmp_pdu *pdu, int command)
void snmp_pdu_free (struct snmp_pdu *pdu)
void snmp_free_pdu (struct snmp_pdu *pdu)
u_char * snmp_pdu_encode (u_char *DestBuf, int *DestBufLen, struct snmp_pdu *PDU)
u_char * snmp_pdu_decode (u_char *Packet, int *Length, struct snmp_pdu *PDU)
void snmp_add_null_var (struct snmp_pdu *pdu, oid *name, int name_length)

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#define ASN_PARSE_ERROR (   x)    { return(x); }

Definition at line 105 of file snmp_pdu.c.

Function Documentation

◆ snmp_add_null_var()

void snmp_add_null_var ( struct snmp_pdu pdu,
oid name,
int  name_length 

◆ snmp_fix_pdu()

◆ snmp_free_pdu()

◆ snmp_pdu_clone()

struct snmp_pdu * snmp_pdu_clone ( struct snmp_pdu Src)

Definition at line 147 of file snmp_pdu.c.

References NULL, snmp_set_api_error(), SNMPERR_OS_ERR, snmplib_debug(), and xmalloc.

Referenced by snmp_fix_pdu().

◆ snmp_pdu_create()

◆ snmp_pdu_decode()

◆ snmp_pdu_encode()

◆ snmp_pdu_fix()

struct snmp_pdu * snmp_pdu_fix ( struct snmp_pdu pdu,
int  command 

Definition at line 181 of file snmp_pdu.c.

References snmp_pdu::command, and snmp_fix_pdu().

◆ snmp_pdu_free()

void snmp_pdu_free ( struct snmp_pdu pdu)

Definition at line 275 of file snmp_pdu.c.

References snmp_free_pdu().

Referenced by snmp_fix_pdu().






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