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From: Christian Krackowizer <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 11:27:34 +0200

At 10:51 18.06.1996 +0200, you wrote:
>On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Christian Krackowizer wrote:
>> At 18:00 18.06.1996 +1000, you wrote:
>> >Turn caching off in netscape, see what happens then..
>> >
>> Just the same. Squid doesn't recognize, that it's caching an old version of
>> the page.
>> I think, it should not depend on the browser or user to decide whether a
>> page is old or not. When I use the same browser with 2 different caches, one
>> works and one not, I assume that the interaction between cache and
>> 'home-host' of the html-pages is not OK.
> I think it's the IMS info of your pages, try to do shift + click
>on reload icons in netscape

You're right. Reload works (I mentioned it in my first mail), but this is
not the point!
There's a html-page on a node somewhere (e.g. Vienna) - here I am with
Netscape. On the way from somewhere to me, the html-page passes two
different cache-systems. When I access through Squid-cache, Squid doesn't
recognize that the html-page is already superseded, CERN-Cache does it!
I want to use Squid for his better functionality, but I have 80 users here,
to which I have to establish actual pages. There a people, which don't know
actually what's (=which function) the Reload-button.

merci et bon jour

PS. Try it yourself:

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