shift/reload in Netscape and neighbors

From: Jon Piesing <>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 11:06:18 +0100 (BST)

Dear all,

I'm rather new to Squid so please forgive me if this is an FAQ.

We've been running a single squid server here for 2-3 months without
any problems. (now Squid 1.0.10 on Solaris 2.5.1).

I've just put in a second server to experiment with neighbors. I'm also
have another squid server on our WAN configured as a neighbor.

As soon as I put in the neighbors, the feature in Netscape where shift+"reload"
forces the page to be reloaded from the original server stops working. When
I remove the neighbors, it starts working again.

When I try shift+reload with neighbors configured, I get the following message
returned to Netscape ..

"While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

       Unable to Retrieve

The system returned:

    No neighbors or parents were queried and the host is beyond your firewall.

The cache administrator may need to double-check the cache configuration.

This means that:

    The requested URL can not currently be retrieved."

In addition, the access.log file contains the following .. - - [28/Aug/1996:10:44:09 +0100] "GET" ERR_CANNOT_FETCH 964

The cache.log contains the following ..

[28/Aug/1996:10:44:09 +0100] proto.c:562: protoCantFetchObject: FD 17 No neighbors or parents were queried and the host is beyond your firewall.
[28/Aug/1996:10:44:09 +0100] proto.c:563: --> <URL:>

And the hierarchy.log file contains this ..

28/Aug/1996:10:44:09 +0100] NO_DIRECT_FAIL

Can anybody explain what is happening here ?

Needless to say, is
beyond our firewall.


Jon Piesing
Philips Research Labs, Redhill, UK
Received on Wed Aug 28 1996 - 03:49:37 MDT

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