Re: Squid Accelerator and virtual domains

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 96 10:19:45 -0700 writes:

>Nelson Posse Lago wrote:
>> I'd like to know if it's possible to use squid in http-accelerator
>> mode to serve virtual domains. The reason for this is that I intend to put
>> my web server behind a firewall, accessable through squid, but I will have
>> some virtuals. If so, a simple pointer to the mechanics of it would make
>> my day :-).
>If you have multiple IP addresses on the Squid server, you can make Squid
>bind to specific IP addresses, with bind_address on older versions,
>or tcp_incoming_address on newer ones. However, this requires that
>you have one Squid process per server.
>What I'm looking forward is to having a single Squid process listen to
>all the addresses, the way Apache does, or support the draft HTTP/1.1
>spec, where it can differentiate between the various virtual hosts
>through the HTTP Host: header. Squid developers, is this trivial, or
>does it require major code changes?

Somewhere between trivial and major. The Host: hack would probably
be quite easy.

Binding server sockets to multiple addresses requires more changes
because various sections are written knowing there is a single HTTP
socket and a single ICP socket.

Duane W.
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