Re: minimum-cache time?+

From: Miguel A.L. Paraz <>
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 16:06:59 +0800 (PST)


> Yup, that would be very nice, but to make any really intelligent guesses
> as to how often you want these to be refreshed, you need Last Modified
> headers for calculations and/or IMS requests.
But if you honor the Expires: immediately, you should never cache it.
And, the Microsoft header doesn't have Last-Modified. How about
these Squid configuration directives:

acl noncacheable
must_cache noncacheable

Which will ignore cache-control, Expires: immediately, and the like.
Or, is it a HTTP protocol violation?

> Which reminds me to ask (and to point this out to Duane, as his
> URL is affected by this as
> well), how does one get Apache to generate valid Last Modified headers
> for directory listings like these? CERN does it right and uses the
> directory date, but Apache just leaves things blank, thus resulting in
> stale data ever so often. :(

Yeah, I checked it out, and that is so. I'll see how easy/hard it is
to add it to Apache, so it could be out before 1.2. Great way to
exercise my C skills... :)

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