From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 97 15:24:53 -0800 writes:

>Done! Thanks! But why "sibling"? Cache-B is a machine used
>by our clients, who has their own squid running for the first time,
>and Cache-A, who has its own squid running for quite sometime now,
>must be the "parent". I configured squid in Cache-B
>to query objects in Cache-A, if the object is found, it doesn't have
>to go to the source (unless the object is updated).
>whats the purpose of having a "sibling" anyway? I hardly get it.

Read and let me know if
its not clear enough.

>> In cache-A .config:
>> acl localhost src
>> acl proxy-B src <ip-address>/<network-address>
>> http_access allow localhost
>> http_access allow proxy-B
>> icp_access allow localhost
>> icp_access allow proxy-B
>Done! Thanks! But if our clients run their own SQUIDs, do I have
>to list all IP ADDs in this TAG? or is there any shortcut or "wildcard"
>telling my squid to let them allow access to my cache?

You can use masks and ranges of IP addresses.

Duane W.
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