Re: FTP content type revisited..

From: John Saunders <>
Date: 20 Feb 1997 09:14:06 GMT

David J N Begley ( wrote:
> > Well, I would be very happy if squid used a mime.types file and anything
> Ditto.

It does have a mime.types style file, except it's compiled into the
executable rather than read at run-time. It's a simple matter to add
extensions and run the provided script to re-build the table. Although
it would be nice if it read a standard mime.types file at run time.

> > that didn't match was given a default type, ie: text/plain, just like an
> Errm, "eg" rather than "ie" - it's not a done-deal that the default for
> unknown files is "text/plain". ;-)

Actually the default type was decided to be application/octet-stream, if
no match was found in the mime table. However the code in ftpget.c can
be changed to set the default type to something else, it's just commented
out and a few short key strokes will change it.

P.S. I would have prefered text/plain as the default because doesn't
everybody use SHIFT-click to for downloads? :-)

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