Re: virus scanning by squid?

From: Nigel Metheringham <>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 15:31:48 +0000

} Inside Squid is totally the wrong place to be doing such scanning, IMHO.
} I'd rather that people take their own defined and considered
} precautions, then use AntiVirus tools that hook into your operating
} system's read/write and filesave/read routines. There's plenty out
} there to be purchased as needed.

Whilst generally agreeing with this, there probably is something to be
said for a content parsing extension of some sort. However this costs you
2 more file descriptors per active request, which is painful!

A content parser would be able to do virus checking if required, could
remove or validate java/active-x/microsoft-bug-protocol extensions as
required etc...

One way of handling this is to stack another proxy in front of or behind
squid. Either of these approaches has problems, which is why it would be
nice to be able to do content scanning of some form in squid.

I'd love to find a good generic solution to this which didn't also louse
up all my logging information!


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