Re: Is our cache_swap enough? studying store.log

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 97 23:41:00 -0700 writes:

>> Also, there are really only two reasons than an object is RELEASED.
>> Either it was bumped out for space, or a newer version was loaded
>> and the old was thrown out.
>I was curious on how much stuff was bumped out for lack of space. That
>would be the clue on whether more space is necessary.

I guess what I meant was Squid could probably fill any amount of disk
that you give it. The key is, as you already mentioned, to
find out where the returns start diminishing. The evidence that
I've seen indicates that 5-10GB of disk will get you 90-95% of
the maximum hit rate you could ever expect. The SPA paper
has better numbers than I'm making up here.

Duane W.
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