Work around for - Access denied from a sibling cache ?

From: A.R. Cache Op <>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 15:20:23 +1000

        Hi there,

        We peer with a number of other caches, we get the
Forbidden/Access denied messages on those caches with different refresh
patters and at other times too.

        I've read the FAQ located at a number of times
now and I must say after each occation I come out with the same thought,
my head hurts. :-) Very complex problem.

        OK ... This is what I see in my logs after such a Access Denied

865965064.974 276 TCP_MISS/400 467 GET - SIBLING_HIT/

        My thought is for a work around / fix,

        IF we get a SIBLING_HIT

        AND we get a TCP_MISS/400 response

        Squid being a smart little sea creature it is doesn't display the
dreaded "you are not currently allowed to request XYZ From this cache."
Instead it re-does the request, probably as some type of REFRESH which
would force it to be reloaded and downloaded from a PARENT or DIRECT.

        Would this work around be possible ? Where is my major logic
flaw ? :-) Give me a break I haven't slept yet from going out last
night. From the tests I have done in my log file, if I grep for
SIBLING_HIT and TCP_MISS/400 I get only the objects that have returned the
dreaded "contact the cache admin" message.

        Assuming the above logic is sound, please, please, please try to
implement this work around. It is SOOOOOOOO much hassle that error
message that gets displayed, apart from the hassle of the page not
working, it has a mail to button on it and we were getting snowed in with
people contacting the cache admin. While its good getting genuine user
feedback, it really is a complex problem to explain (read time=long) and
heaps of the users think your being rude when you reply "Hit Reload".

        Please excuse if this has been gone over in the past 2 months, as
I have been away, then when I come back very sick :-/ so I'm still
working through the backlog of list mail.

        'C' ya ...

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