Re: Cache in multiple disks

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 21:35:33 +0200


> Hello:
> I'd like to know how to tell Squid to use X Mbs of space in, say,
> /usr/cache1, and Y Mbs in /usr/cache2 (another disk), where the available
You can't...

Basically the problem is follows:

When you get an object (such as an html page) it will choose a random
point on the disk (ie it could be in any one of the low level
directories, and in any of the ones further down). Since this is the case,
squid would have to check the size of each of the directories before
it wrote the object... which is a problem...

> space in, for example, /usr/cache1 is bigger than X Mbs. In other words:
> I want Squid to use two disks, but I'd like to control how many Mbs in
> each. Do any of you know how to achieve this?
Use the raid0 stuff, it can handle any size disks (under linux)

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