Re: How to launch squid

From: David Richards <>
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 09:15:47 +1000 (EST)


        I believe the problems is permissions on the directories
associated with squid. Does anything get written to the log files?? Are
the directories get created in the cace directory??

        Try changing the ownership of all the directories and files that
squid uses, to the user specified in cache_effective_user. For example,
if cache effective user is set to: squid squidgrp

        Try the following: chown -R squid.squidgrp /usr/local/squid

        This assumes that squid has been installed in /usr/local/squid


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On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, zozime wrote:

> I grabbed the squid 1.1.14 from the Internet. I tried to install it
> by following the Install and readme files associated. When I launched
> with RunAccel and RunCache, it fails after few moment (five trys i
> think). When i use squid to launch it on the background, the pid file
> is created but it doesn't cache anything!
> - Isn't it a standalone deamon or must I launch it on the bakground?
> - What might be the cause which make it not to cahche?
> - I want to use it as proxy, http accelerator at once only for my own
> network, what have I to do?
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