Re: URL rewriting + ACLs

From: Dancer <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 1998 19:16:12 +1000

Yes. The script is passed the client-address as well as the URL, so your
script can choose.

HOWEVER, this is not a good idea if the file is cached under it's original
(pre-redirection) name. Only if it is cached under it's new (post-redirection

Otherwise you get the situation where subnet A requests foo.html and gets
redirected to bar.html, then subnet B requests foo.html and gets a cached

How is this handled. I've just realised that I need to know fairly urgently.


Bill Wichers wrote:

> Is there a way to set up Squid so that a particular redirector script (OK
> if it's a global redirector script) is only used for a specific subnet due
> to ACLs? Or, if this can't be done (which is what I suspect), is there a
> way to do it from within the redirector perl script?
> A bit off-topic, but could anybody tell me what the new .bz2 extension is
> that I've been seeing in place of the usual .gz lately for some archives?
> It seems to be much more efficent than good ol' gzip, but I don't know
> where to get the tools to use it.
> -Bill

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