Re: Is there a Squid port for NT going on?

From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 18:54:39 -0500 (EST)

Since you already have a Squid box running Linux, then I assume someone
has given you an order like "Thou shalt build an NT Proxy!". In this case
"Thou" needs some sense beeten into them. You'd be much better off running
on Linux, and it'll cost you a LOT less... RedHat Linux (just started
playing with 5.0 which is REALLY nice, BTW) is $49 -- and it has some
reasonable docs of its own now, and Squid will be all of $0. That runs you
A grand total of $49 for the software, and you'd need the hardware either
way -- although NT would force you to purchase more hardware than the
Linux solution would. From personal expierience with both paltforms, Linux
is much more miserly about it's RAM usage than NT is.

NT Also needs a lot more disk space than Linux. My NT box here uses 179 MB
for the OS alone (and that doesn't include the bits and pieces it has in
other places). I had at one time a functional Linux box running with only
one 40 MB drive, and I have built capable (although very small) caches
with 170 MB drives. I'd say Linux starts to become a useful OS when you
have about 120 MB or so of disk space, below that you can't fit enough
important stuff (notably all the sources and C stuff) to do any cool
stuff. NT isn't even an option with less than 125 MB (according to the

And if reliability is a concern, I have several functioning Squid machines
up right now, one with well over 200 days of uptime. This isn't very
difficult to achieve with UNIX systems. I've never had an NT box run that
long without needing a reboot for at least a software patch.

Oh darn, I forgot to disable soapbox mode...

Well, if you have to run on NT (sometimes this happens with our clients
that have only an NT machine and no money for a new system), then your
only option is probably Net App's NetCache product, which is somewhat
similar to Squid. I'm not a big fan of MS Proxy due to the problems I've
seen it cause. My limited expierience with Netcache shows it to be pretty
capable, although I admit I havn't ever tested it with much load -- all my
production caches run Squid on Linux.


On Wed, 7 Jan 1998, Pedro Manuel wrote:

> Hi to all.
> I am not a member of this list, but i read in some documentation
> here was the best place to ask. I have a working Squid solution
> working under Linux, but now in the company i work for i need to find
> a good and simple caching proxy for NT. Is there an ongoing port
> to NT? I was told there is one for OS/2 warp.
> Best regards,
> Pedro Manuel Rodrigues
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