squid sizing

From: Mark Visser <mark@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 23:25:53 +0100 (MET)


Last year Martin Hamilton posted a question to several cache related lists
asking for info on configuration. What sort op machine do you use for your
cache, how many connections do you have, how much mem do you have, what

He made a page of it, but unfortunately it isn't updated since 8/5/1997.

I was thinking of setting up such a thing (although the best place would
be at nlanr Squid site itself), so that every now and then people can
check for themselves what others use for their proxyserver. This is
especially welcome i guess for people who set up their first proxy.

Are there any ideas going on in this direction ?

I'm willing to help set up such a thing, but only if it serves a goal.


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