Re: Squid 1.2b19 on NLANR caches broken

From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 17:08:57 -0500 (EST)

Although not a real "fix" for the problem, I have had source_ping active
for some time now along with the ICMP pinging and connect-retry patch to
help with parent cache problems. At the moment I also have the NLANR
caches as siblings (before they had 1.2 (which has connect-retry) I
encountered all kinds of lag problems with them). I havn't expieriences
any of the problems you describe with my configs.

Some of the IIS problems might be with the site, not the software. A lot
of IIS-hosted sites are also using ASP and the "expired 5 minutes ago"
junk. Not much that can be done about things like that unfortunatly :-(


On Sun, 29 Mar 1998, Jordan Mendelson wrote:

> I've been noticing a lot of problems with the NLANR caches and their version
> of Squid. For instance:
> a popular auction house is always causing uc.cache or
> pb.cache to give a 'Connection refused' message, however when I force my 1.1
> server to get it directly, these don't happen.
> is the same way.
> The odd part is that I would have thought the retry patch would retry any
> errored fetches from the parent caches, but it doesnt.
> Microsoft's Active Setup for Outlook 98 caused all sorts of problems with
> the Squid 1.2 servers. A parent server said a file it was downloading was
> 1.8 megs when in reality it was 2.1 megs. So, I opened it up to a site which
> wasn't cached on one of the NLANR caches and tried getting it again. This
> time i hit cancel to force an abort. I tried getting the file again from the
> same place, low and behold the file was truncated on the NLANR cache.
> GameSpy, a popular internet game server browser has a bug which makes it not
> put the 'HTTP/1.0' after the 'GET /URL' request. Squid doesn't understand
> this and forces an error. Unfortunatly, a lot of my users use this program.
> Is there a way to disable this behavorior?
> What is it with IIS servers which cause Squid to completely go haywire?
> Jordan
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