transparency and original client IPs?

From: Eli Beker <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 18:26:52 +0300 (IDT)


we want to implement a transparent proxy with the Alteon switch
redirector. the switch will be located between the the a multiport
switch (token ring,10MB and 100MB) and the backbone Cisco 7500 router.

  IBM8274 switch ---- Alteon Sw ---- Cisco 7500
                     squid a,b,c
the problem is that the Alteon switch (afaik) doesn't implement any
access lists based on source and/or destination address for direct
forwarding of requests to preferred sites.(sites that implement access
controls based on the client address, etc...)
Is there a way that the Squid server will redirect the requests without
changing the source address on the headers?

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