Re: Proxy-Remote

From: Karl Schaffarczyk <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 98 19:29:00 +1000

>Hello people,
> I am just starting using squid, so my questions might be slightly lame,
> anyway, here i tried to configure squid so it would use some remote
>machine, which has its squid installed, just like i did with apache's
>directive Remote-Proxy. (it fetches all the sites from that machine).
>(i just did cache_host that machine, is it correct?) however it still
> gets requested URLs directly. Do I have anything wrong done here?

if you have the following directives configured, it should work fine:

cache_host parent 3128 3130

>and there was another problem:
> a friend of mine has squid installed behind the firewall, on his machine
>which uses internal DNS, all he need to do is nearly the same thing, use
>central firewall machine as proxy-gateway for fetching stuff, (instead of
>attempting it directly). However, when he runs squid, it reports that it
>can not perform DNS checks correctly (after 5 tries) and then gives up
> any ideas what's wrong here?

sounds like he hasn't setup /etc/resolv.conf correctly on his squid

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