Re: httpd accel

From: Ricardo Kleemann <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 18:07:59 GMT


Thanks for the reply. I'm using squid1.2.beta21... at the moment the servers are on the same machine because I'm just testing the redirector/accelerator. But eventually they'll be on different servers.

How do I set it up in 1.2.x?


> Ricardo Kleemann wrote:
> > Now, it simply doesnt work. If I access it
> > gives me the HP of that domain, it is not redirecting to the other
> > domain as I configured.
> Are these domains virtual domains on the same server?
> Squid 1.1.X does not support redirection to virtual servers. The problem
> is that the Host: header is not rewritten in the redirection.
> If you are only accelerating a single server (one IP address, no virtual
> servers) then no redirector is needed.
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