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From: Andrew Hall <>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 14:43:38 +1000


thanks for your reply,

A couple of questions:
1. how do I get the username written as part of the access.log. Do I need to
enable "user-agent" during compilation?
2. Do you know if there is a radius_auth or pam_auth available for

Thanks and regards,

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From: Sparks, Alan <>
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Date: Saturday, 5 September 1998 1:52
Subject: RE: monitoring on a per-user basis

On our intranet, I use Squid 1.2b23p4 for just such a thing. I find the idea
tracking people down via IP address repugnant... so I implemented
username/password access to the cache.

You need to decide how you wish to store username and password info for the
cache. Squid comes with a web server like password file capacity built-in.
you have other authentication mechanisms on your network, squid allows for
external authenticator, usually constructed by you, to access the
mechanism and provide a yes/no to allowing access through the cache. For
instance, I use a custom small interface to our LDAP directory server for
password checking.

I like the facility cuz the usernames are logged into the access.log file.
can then either write your own little program to parse the file and generate
access stats for the bosses, or take a look at NetTracker Proxy (from Sane
Solutions) that will read squid logs and dice them up into about any report
could want. By user name, not IP address. I use the former solution, but
intend to buy the latter soon.

Anyway, just a few thoughts.

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Subject: monitoring on a per-user basis

Hi (again),

Just a quickie... Some of our customers (corporate) have requested that we
track of where their staff are going to using the company's internet
(dial in accounts). As the IP addresses change every time these staff login
one of my racks I have no way of logging who goes where.. Can squid
do this using per user authentication? Does anyone else do this, if so how?
guess I'm trying to ascertain whether I can get squid to log IP address
a username in the access.log file so I can correlate it later?

Is this a can do?

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