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From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 22:56:46 +0200 wrote:

> Does it mean i should have declared all quick_abort values, or
> maybe one of them, two of them would be enough?

Minimum configuration is to set "quick_abort_min 0". More configuration
needed if you want Squid to do some limited fetching after the request
is aborted.

> And what reason for we have two values - quick_abort_min and
> quick_abort_max, if both values control the same - remaining KBytes?

They do it in different ways, for different purposes.

quick_abort_min sets a minimum remaining size that Squid always
continues to download, even if it is more than the allowed percentage
for this object. The idea behind this is that Squid should not abort
downloads of small objects.

quick_abort_max sets a upper limit on how much Squid continues to
download. If more than max remains then the request is always aborted
even if is only a small fraction of the object remaining. The idea is to
stop downloading of very large files.

quick_abort_pct is active in between these two limits, and bases it's
decision on how many percent of the object that remains. The idea behind
this is that a object that is close to finished should be completely
downloaded in case someone else (or the same user) fetches the object

> Is it default quick_abort_min -1 ?

Yes. The default is to never abort.

> Since squid-1.2.beta* i never changed that line and hadnt any extra
> retrieving because of bug in fwdAbortFetch (?) (thanks to Duane for
> explanation). Maybe that was my problem ? :)

Yes. 1.2.beta releases was buggy and requests was always aborted
immediately, regardless of any quick_abort settings.

Henrik Nordström
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