Re: FDs & linux again.

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 00:27:24 +0200


> I'm not sure about your specific problem, but if it is related to FDs I
> would recommend you upgrade to Linux kernel 2.2. I did it late last week

Sure - as long as you want only less than 1024 fds.

> believe it's a very simple task to increase available FDs ... something
> like: echo 2048 > /proc/somefile

I don't think that that is the case... that would increase the number of
system-wide fds, not the per-process limit.

I am not sure how stable the fd patches are (and whether select() works
right), but have a look at Alan Cox's patches to the 2.2preX series: you
will find that you can increase your per-process limit with 'ulimit -n
10000' if you want.

> There are numerous other improvements in kernel 2.2 which will likely
> improve your cache. Yes, the 2.2 kernel is not officially released yet

I believe that (with enough memory) the dcache may have a major performance
benefit. I would like to work on stats for this someday ;)


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