Re: Sequential sever? 2.3 with async I/O quite stable

From: David S. Madole <>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 08:15:46 -0400

Walter Klomp wrote:
> I'm running squid 2.3DEVEL2 Async I/O with all available patches for a few
> weeks already. It seems very stable. That is, it doesn't crash (at least one
> of my machines is up already for 2 weeks... :-) The other, identical one,
> restarts so now and then (once every 2-3 days / but then 2.2STABLE4 did that
> as well :-), but causing no disruption... I like the performance of 2.3
> Async I/O... easily handles 600 hits/min...
> Both Running Linux 2.2.12, on 256M memory and 3 x 6Gb IDE harddisk on a
> Pentium Pro 200 (CPU overkill)...

I'm not sure you need to be worried about async I/O to do this. I have
two caches that handle 25 and 35 requests per second (i.e. 1500 and 2100
reqs per minute) with no async I/O. These are on Pentium 266's with two
12.6GB IDE drives (on the same controller, BTW) with 14GB of objects on
each in 16GB of partitions. There's 384MB of RAM on each, with cache_mem
set to 100MB (I'm not convinced this helps much, though).

The two caches together move 60-75 requests per second at peak, putting
out about 3.5 megabits/second. The larges peak ever was about 85 reqs
per second at 4.5 megabits/second, still with no indications of
performance problems.

These machines stay up indefinately, which is to say the four to six
weeks between times when I intentionally restart them. This is
2.2.STABLE4 with only a few patches installed, primarily just fixes
from NLANR for features that are broken than I actually use, running
on FreeBSD 3.2.

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