Network stops responding

From: Chris Conn <>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 10:45:32 -0400


Myself as well as another squid user have emailed this list in the past
that after a variable amount of time the Linux 2.2.x box running squid
would stop responding and the TCP/IP capability of the machine seemed
hung. We were both using 3COM 3c905B cards, and I therefore changed to
an Intel ExpressPro 100 to test to see if the 3com linux driver was at

However, once more the machine running squid was no longer accessible to
the network. I this time however got logs from the Intel NIC driver:

May 13 22:16:29 cache kernel: eth0: Transmit timed out: status 0050
0090 at 155314080/155314094 command 000c0000.
May 13 22:16:29 cache kernel: eth0: Trying to restart the transmitter...

I had hundreds of these in my /var/log/messages. No errors were logged
to squid.

I have since changed my switch port to autodetect instead of forcing it
to 100mbps FD. I hope that the switch is at fault. This problem
usually does not occur in periods of high load, so I don't believe it is
a congestion issue.

Any ideas? Squid 2.3.STABLE-2.

Thanks in advance,

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