Re: Can't get WCCP on Linux to work with 2600

From: Lincoln Dale <>
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 06:33:12 -0400


At 10:26 26/05/00, Darrell Van Rensburg wrote:
>I have been following threads on getting WCCP module working on Linux with a
>pair of Cisco 2621's in a HSRP group.

firstly, WCCPv1 is only capable of a single router <-> single cache

>It compiles fine and when doing a modprobe ip_wccp there are no errors but
>the module doesn't appear to load. Not sure if "telnet squidbox 2048"
>should answer but certainly nothing my end "connection refused".

why should your squid box be answering tcp connections on port 2048?

[1] the WCCP administrative protocol is based on udp, not tcp.
[2] the ability of squid to receive admin messages is not a sign of
     whether the kernel module is installing correctly or not.

>Also on the Cisco end have configured external interface (one connected to
>internet) for
>WCCP however turning on debugging doesn't show any messages at all. I
>assume this
>is because the WCCP on the Cisco is smart and can't find a WCCP host to
>redirect to.

all policy is communicated from the cache _to_ the router.
the router won't start redirecting things until the client proves 2-way
connectivity to the router.

>Do we need to recompile the Kernel with specific options for the WCCP module
>to work.

doesn't sound like it...


NB. in doing "debug ip wccp packets", you did do "term mon" also?

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