Re: [SQU] resolv.conf

From: Florin Andrei <>
Date: 06 Mar 2001 15:08:46 -0800

On 06 Mar 2001 23:50:20 +0100, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> Squid does not care about domain searches. This is partly from the
> definition of a host name in the http:// URL scheme which states that
> the host name is a FQDN or a quad dotted IP.

Ouch!... :-/

But how about using the old external dnsserver? Isn't "dns_defnames on"
supposed to do precisely this - to take into account the search path
from resolv.conf?
I'm not very familiar with the old dnsserver stuff, so please tell me if
i'm wrong.

> What you can do is to use a redirector helper to implement the various
> needed domain translations.. [client redirects recommended]

"client redirects" = ? (can you detail a little bit please?)

Florin Andrei
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