Re: [squid-users] ftp clients trouble: helpme please

From: <andrea_ferraris\>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 16:38:46 +0100

> From: "Duane Wessels" <>

> On Sat, 14 Feb 2004, wrote:
> > I've a beautifull squid 2.5.4 server running with gentoo.
> > It works really well with http and https client requests.
> > If a client requests an
> > the browser displays it without trouble (the address is not
> > correct because at now I'm not there), but with all other
> > ftp requests (it is,,
> > the browser client's can't display the
> > page and after a long time (about 30-60 seconds) it
> > give up. From the squid server with an ftp client I can connect
> > with those sites without trouble. In the squid access logs
> > I can't see the ftp client request that don't work, they aren't
> > logged.
> > I can't understand what's happening, please helpme.
> You can probably get some additional info by enabling debugging
> for the FTP code:
> debug_options All,1 9,9
> Then make some FTP requests to the servers that don't
> work and look at cache.log. Feel free to send us some cache.log
> excerpts if they don't make any sense.

Ok. It seems that's not a squid problem.
For the working
I got really a lot of messages in cache.log, for the not working
ftp sites I got exactely nothing.

On the squid server I launched
# tethereal | grep -v -i ssh | grep '192\.168\.1\.111'

the active lan card is only one, I was connected in ssh to the
squid server, so I filtered all the ssh packets, and the IP of the
last grep is that one of the PC from where I was trying to do ftp.
This PC is a WXP Pro Machine with IE6 (all last patches applied).

Then I launched ethereal on that PC and started capturing
with the filter src || dst,
it is I captured all the packets which source or destination
was the IP of that PC.

Then I made an ftp request from the PC. Here IE6 is
configured to connect to the proxy server
(it is the squid server) on port 3128 for all protocol
(http, https, ftp, gopher).

The results are that on the squid side I saw nothing and on
the PC side I saw
- an ARP broadcast request where the PC
asked for the MAC of the (it's the Cisco router
that is the default gateway either from all the PCs, either from
the squid server)
- the reply from the router
- 3 attempt from the PC to connect to the ftp IP address

I didn't see the request to the name server because
I already tried to connect to such site and maybe the
PC was caching that reply.

Now I'm not more happy, because I don't know how
to solve that problem. Any idea?

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