ErrorPage::BuildErrorPrinter Class Reference

pretty-prints error page/deny_info building error More...

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Public Member Functions

 BuildErrorPrinter (const SBuf &anInputLocation, int aPage, const char *aMsg, const char *aNear)
std::ostream & print (std::ostream &) const
 reports error details (for admin-visible exceptions and debugging) More...
std::ostream & printLocation (std::ostream &os) const
 print() helper to report where the error was found More...

Public Attributes

const SBufinputLocation
const int page_id
const char * msg
const char * near

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BuildErrorPrinter()

ErrorPage::BuildErrorPrinter::BuildErrorPrinter ( const SBuf anInputLocation,
int  aPage,
const char *  aMsg,
const char *  aNear 

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Member Function Documentation

◆ print()

std::ostream & ErrorPage::BuildErrorPrinter::print ( std::ostream &  os) const

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References CurrentException().

Referenced by ErrorPage::operator<<().

◆ printLocation()

std::ostream & ErrorPage::BuildErrorPrinter::printLocation ( std::ostream &  os) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ inputLocation

const SBuf& ErrorPage::BuildErrorPrinter::inputLocation

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Referenced by printLocation().

◆ msg

const char* ErrorPage::BuildErrorPrinter::msg

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◆ near

const char* ErrorPage::BuildErrorPrinter::near

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◆ page_id

const int ErrorPage::BuildErrorPrinter::page_id

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Referenced by printLocation().

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