internal.h File Reference
#include "comm/forward.h"
#include "log/forward.h"
#include "sbuf/forward.h"
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void internalStart (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &clientConn, HttpRequest *, StoreEntry *, const AccessLogEntryPointer &)
bool internalCheck (const SBuf &urlPath)
bool internalStaticCheck (const SBuf &urlPath)
char * internalLocalUri (const char *dir, const SBuf &name)
char * internalRemoteUri (bool, const char *, unsigned short, const char *, const SBuf &)
const char * internalHostname (void)
int internalHostnameIs (const char *)
bool ForSomeCacheManager (const SBuf &)

Function Documentation

◆ ForSomeCacheManager()

bool ForSomeCacheManager ( const SBuf urlPath)

whether the given request URL path points to a cache manager (not necessarily running on this Squid instance)

Definition at line 87 of file

References SBuf::startsWith(), and CacheManager::WellKnownUrlPathPrefix().

Referenced by ClientHttpRequest::checkForInternalAccess(), and internalStart().

◆ internalCheck()

bool internalCheck ( const SBuf urlPath)

◆ internalHostname()

const char * internalHostname ( void  )

◆ internalHostnameIs()

int internalHostnameIs ( const char *  arg)

◆ internalLocalUri()

char * internalLocalUri ( const char *  dir,
const SBuf name 

◆ internalRemoteUri()

◆ internalStart()

◆ internalStaticCheck()

bool internalStaticCheck ( const SBuf urlPath)

Definition at line 80 of file

References SBuf::startsWith().

Referenced by ClientHttpRequest::checkForInternalAccess().






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