re: cachemgr.cgi

From: Ralf Corterier <>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 12:30:36 +0200

Tilman Schmidt schrieb:
> At 16:20 02.10.99 +0200, Ralf Corterier wrote:
> [cachemgr.cgi]
> >calling the script (which looks rather like a binary to me) [...]
> It is a binary. What made you expect it to be a script?

Nearly everything else in the cgi-bins I can look into, seems to be a
script. Not being an old linux hacker or a web pro I made the
assumption, that this is generally the case. Guess it was wrong. But
as you see: I learn (hopefully).

Any hint where to configure the users that are allowed to access
cachemgr.cgi? Or is it something with apache? (Despite the docs I
copied it in the standard cgi-bin of my Intranet web server).

Thanks for any help.

Ralf C.
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